Can anyone explain the Cognizant Technology Solution (CTS) bench process?

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Apr 11, 2017 By Jayanth
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There are basically two pools or you can simply say they have distributed the crowd who are not assigned or not working in the project into two groups based on the business

  1. PDP (Project Bench)
  2. CDP(Common Bench)
  • PDP means you are on project bench meaning if any new oppurtunity or project comes in that particular account on whose bench you are then you will be picked on priority as you are being taken by the project but due to no requirement right now or some new project coming into the future and they need people then there comes PDP from where pick up will start from.
  • PDP people are monitored by the manger or some people from the project and the appraisal is done from the project.
  • CDP means common pool you are on auction means any project if gets requirement and there is no people on PDP or people who are on PDP and are not as per the requirement of the project then comes the number for CDP but being on CDP is not at all good as if you are in CDP for long time then in scenarios like if company is not performing well and need layoffs then you will be the first target as you are of no use.
  • CDP people are not monitored by any one particular but GWFM team is responsible for their appraisal cycle and all as it is the requiremt of GWFM team to provide them the suitable oppurtunity for the project

Laxmi Apr 11, 2017