Was there a political conspiracy in Punjab election 2017?

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Apr 11, 2017 By Jayanth
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Nice to see a Congress win in Punjab become a political conspiracy in the era of NDA govt at centre :P.

No it wasn't. The SAD-BJP combine was facing severe anti-incumbency after 10 years in power. The consecutive two terms by itself had been an exception since Punjab in recent history never chose an incumbent government. The space was left for Congress and AAP to capitalise. Congress won because it had a charismatic and popular leader in Captain Amarinder Singh. AAP didn't have a strong leader who could take on and challenge the might of Captain.

A populist pseudo-party led by a perpetual crybaby and conspiracy theorist do not undermine the legitimacy of the elections. It's sad to see basic principles such as gracious acceptance of the results and peaceful transition of power come into question within a country whose tradition of democracy is lauded on these counts. Trumpification of politics is indeed on a rise.

Laxmi Apr 11, 2017