Is working in an Indian IT company really horrible?
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My answer is an astounding YES.
Having worked for an Indian IT giant for 3 years, my answer is solely going to be based on my experience:

1. Peer pressure - Everyone wants to get an onsite opportunity, irrespective of their basic programming and verbal skills. Even if you have a clear head and want to achieve true learning, you will be pulled into the virtual race for onsite opportunity as a competitor.

2. Most of the senior managers have progressed to working with "advanced" tools such as Microsoft Excel and Power point - As a result, you cannot  expect guidance or mentoring from them.

3. The appraisals - The appraisal process is very skewed. Your performance rating ultimately depends on your ability to come  just before the manager arrives and leave very, very late. As far as I have seen, you could take extremely long lunch breaks and you will still be seen as a "hard working" employee. They managers don't care to see if you are a consistent performer, if you work 9-5 and leave before the manager, you are not a good "resource".

4. Almost nobody has work-life balance. If you're trying to maintain a good work-life balance, you will be screwed in your performance appraisal.

5. Backbiting, betrayal - I have seen it all within my team. I never let it destroy me. However, my team drove one of my teammates to a state of mental depression after my teammates conspired to put him in a PIP by  misguiding him on purpose.

The bottom-line is that, these experiences can either make you grow strong or it can destroy you. Your attitude is all that matters.
Last, but not the least, there is no concept of "free coffees".

Laxmi Apr 11, 2017