What single sentence sums up America?

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Apr 11, 2017 By Jayanth
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A country in reconstruction and still better than many.

The reason why I say this is because no country is perfect, so is America. It has its own share of challenges and lows. But, everytime it is challenged it came out as winner. Wanna know why?

Because of the immigrants. The best of the world comes here for education and work. They stay here not because they don't have any other choice, because this country still provides what many don't.

  • America still has a great road and transportation system. At least it is livable.
  • In America, as a middle class family, you can still own a home, raise a great family and still live under the protection of laws.
  • America still has world's most successful tech companies and hence there are endless opportunities here.

Yes, due to the wars, national debt has risen tremendously and then the 2008 financial crisis has put this country on the back foot. But, for the last 8 years, we had seen less conflicts with other countries, more jobs creation and the economy is doing really well for everybody to prosper.

Of course, it is not as good as many countries like Canada and Scandinavian countries but let's not forget it is still one of the most richest nations in the world. America knows what's being on #1 means and they can very quickly retain it.

The key reasons where it needs to fix a lot of things is:

  • More relaxed student loans and more funding for colleges/universities from the government. Right now, because of the dearth of talent, they have to import a lot of talented people which they could have created here in US.
  • Better governmental suppport for families buying a real estate. The Scandinavian example is amazing, in Sweden you can buy a property and just have to pay interest on it for as long as you want. Which means that more real estate transactions will take place while nobody actually own the debt. Good for the economy.
  • People need to trust each other more. We have heard conversations that immigrants are taking away American jobs which is absolutely not true. Immigrants create more jobs as proved by many statistics in the recent years. People who say that needs to read more.
  • Guns should be banned from each household. There are many countries in the world where don't own a gun and sill live peacefully. Guns don't kill people, humans do.

It is quite difficult to sum up a country in one word. Because collectively a country is far better than what people claim. Every country is the best, there are some people who choose to keep it what it is.

Laxmi Apr 11, 2017