Which is the most shameful incident in Indian political history?

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Apr 10, 2017 By Jayanth
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The film star-turned-politician's rise has been a tale of battling perennial abuse-physical , verbal and mental .

It began almost immediately after MGR’s passing in 1987. she was assaulted & pushed off the gun-carriage carrying his body by a relative of the deceased chief minister.

However, nothing played more of foundational role in her political career as the outrageous episode in Tamil nadu assembly in march 1989, where she was physically attacked and the loose end of her saree was pulled out in that assault.

As a disheveled and distraught Jayalalithaa left the TN state assembly that day, utterly humiliated, she reportedly vowed to return to the hall only once it could ensure the dignity of women.

Two years down the line. Jayalalithaa unseated karunanidhi as CM and swept to power.

The more she was insulted and diagraced, the more powerful she soared. She picked up every stone thrown at her and laid her foundation in Tamil nadu’s political history as a women leader.

Laxmi Apr 10, 2017