How much tax does Mukesh Ambani pay (approx)?

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Jan 17, 2017 By Jayanth
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I have heard Ambanis had never paid taxes exceeding 5 digits , He recycles all of his money

I also read that Mukesh Ambani’s salary remains unchaged at Rs 15 crore since 2008–09 which I believe is not possible

Disclaimer: I am not sure about the above info. but it is certain even though richest, they are definetely not the highest tax payers

Reliance are the biggest thieves of this country.They are opposite of their name , unreliable. Those who work closely with the Ambanis they know how crook they are.

All management level ONGC officials are on payroll of Ambanis, the post of vice president (I lost the count of how many VP reliance have) is always reserved in Reliance for his loyal dogs who are working with ONGC . Post retirement , every ONGC high ranking official will join Reliance as VP.

The government do all the survey work , spends all the money on research and what does Ambani do, he spends zero amount on research, but he gets the exploration report before it reaches the government .

It sounds quite wise to spend money on people involved in the research and get the report before, rather than spending a vast amount on all exploration.

Laxmi Jan 17, 2017