Capgemini, Accenture, Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, Wipro: Which company is the best company to join?
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Yes it really doesn't matter which one of these six companies you join. The experiences differ from person to person. In the end it all boils down to the project you get, the technology you work on and your team. Some have done amazingly well and some have had the shittiest experiences with these companies. So my advice would be to join any one of these and gauge your experience after the first 6 months or so and then make a judgement call.

But first you should decide on what it is that you actually want out of working in any company.

1.Priority - Work/Technology/Domain

If you feel that you're not happy with the kind of work you are getting then just get the hell out as soon as you can. There's no point in gaining experience in a technology you'd never want to continue in. But if you do end up getting assigned to a technology that looks like it has great potential and has great demand in the market then give it some time and learn whatever you can at your workplace and outside and see what are your long term prospects in that company.

2. Priority - Onsite

Sometimes people end up getting into a not so good domain but stay longer than usual because of good onsite opportunities. If that is your end game then look out for those in your project and accordingly plan your stay in that team/project/company.

3. Priority - Money

If this is what you want then these are not the ideal companies to be getting into unless you have good onsite oppotunities. If someone is starting out as a fresher then that person will get a pay package of around 3.0–3.4lk/annum. So after say an experience of 4 years the maximum standard salary that one can expect here is 6.5–6.8lk/annum.

4. Priority - Higher Studies

If you are eventually going to be moving out of the company for higher studies (MS or M.Tech) in around an year or so then it really doesn’t matter.

My take on working with Infosys

I have worked with Infosys and I can personally tell you that there is no single kind of feedback you will receive when it comes to these service based IT companies. I also have friends who at one point or another have worked in one of these and have the same feedback to give me. Sometimes I hear people say that Infosys training is the best and you should go for it because of that. I really don’t think so. Firstly, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will end up working on the technology you are getting trained in. Secondly, even if you do end up working in the same technology it isn’t going to make much difference. One more thing I can tell you about Infosys is that once you are in a certain domain then there is a high chance that moving into another domain is almost very very difficult. The thing I can assure anybody of with Infosys is great infrastructure and facilities. But yes, that is never really going to be a deciding factor. Lately I have also heard that Infosys has gotten a little strict with their rules but I can’t say for sure if that is the general consensus or some isolated incidents.

So that is my formal take on these companies and when you do end up working in one of these, decide on what is it that you want out of working here and make a call accordingly.

Laxmi Nov 24, 2016