How do I get software job in Russia for Indians?

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Nov 17, 2016 By Jayanth
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Russia's strength is its engineering and scientific talent. It has about 3,500 engineers for every 1 million people, nearly the same ratio as the United States. The technical skills of the Russian workforce go beyond basic programming and extend to complex engineering tasks.

To take advantage of this talent, companies such as Sun, LG, Google, Oracle, Siemens, Intel, Boeing, IBM, Dell, Motorola and Citibank have established a presence there.

So to get job as a software engineer in Russia you have to simply get placement (if you are a fresher) or join the companies which also having the branches in Russia.

The another way :

If you want to work in Russia, you will need to be registered and get a work permit issued by the Federal Migration Service (FMS). The work permit is an official document in the form of a plastic card which can be obtained by applying to the FMS. The application takes about 10 days to be processed. If the permit is given, you can legally be employed in Russia by a company, or you can become self-employed. The cost of a work permit is RUB 1000 (around EUR 25).

Foreign citizens living in Russia who have a temporary or full residence permit do not need to get a separate work permit. There are also some other special categories of people who do not need a work permit. You do not need one if you:

  • study or work in Russia during holidays,
  • are acknowledged as a reporter or teacher in Russia,
  • have been invited to work at an educational institute,
  • certain other special categories.

Laxmi Nov 17, 2016