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What are some punishment of the Indian army?

1. One of the toughest punishment you will ever face during military training. Just wish for a group punishment so you can enjoy this with your buddies.

2. Passing the drill is very challenging, if you do not clear your drill in time, you will not get leaves and liberty. Cadets do not perform the drill correctly will be roasted in front of all. Drill is something which you will show others during POP.

3. Running 5 Kms with a fully loaded backpack and a heavy dummy gun. 
This punishment will scare you till death. This looks easy but needs lot of stamina. Watch out.

4. Crawling in a cold water naked. This will make you more disciplined. At least inside the academy.

5. Front roll on a rough surface under the sun. Yes, backpack is in bonus.

6. Crawling with a backpack and crossing different obstacles.

7. Getting drenched with your coursemate. The best feeling ever.